Lender Services

The foundation of Global Discoveries Lender Services Division is industry knowledge, advanced technology and deep experience assisting national and regional lenders recover unclaimed and lost assets due them. We have invested heavily in proprietary technology that allows us to identify and recover unclaimed and lost assets belonging to lenders both large and small. Global Discoveries has focused heavily on the changes that have taken place in our financial markets over the years which have provided us with special insight. We have consistently tracked the ever evolving financial markets that have resulted in numerous corporate mergers, acquisitions, name changes, asset sales, bankruptcies, FDIC takeovers/shut downs, and the like, all of which set the stage for lender assets of all kinds to be lost or misplaced.

FinancialThrough a comprehensive process, Global Discoveries continuously researches hundreds of unique sources and analyzes countless records relating to unclaimed and lost assets. Much of the data we analyze is not readily available on the internet or otherwise easily obtained, rather the sources come from years of experience, industry know-how and cultivated relationships. We research a vast number of both private and public sources for our clients over a wide geographic footprint. Our detailed analysis on each and every claim that we identify allows us to solve the complexities that often accompany claims made on behalf of Lenders, including linking corporate lineage and succession history that is necessary to establish our client’s right to the asset.

It is for these reasons and many more that Global Discoveries Lender Services is considered the expert in Lender unclaimed and lost asset recovery and our client’s solution to getting their claim paid.